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Joyce Abdullahi


License Number: SC Real Estate License #111151

Naz Adamjee


License Number: SC Real Estate License #124722

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Naz has followed her heart, loved ones and passions to various places around the world, and ultimately found her home in Greer nearly two decades ago. For the entirety of her career, Naz has enjoyed various roles delivering exemplary service to those with whom she's worked. She finally found herself at a place in her life where she could pursue a lifelong dream of a career in Real Estate. Naz now applies her service skills, industry knowledge and vibrant personality to guide buyers and sellers through the real estate journey. She develops client relationships with ease, gains a true understanding of their motivation, and creates a unique experience for each of her clients. Naz believes there is no greater satisfaction than helping her clients find the perfect home. When she isn't working to create the perfect experience for her clients, Naz enjoys hiking throughout the Upstate, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Melissa Bretagna


License Number: SC Real Estate License #133312

Born in Illinois, Melissa’s life has been a journey of adventure and service. With a wealth of customer service experience and a successful realtor career in Florida, she eventually found her way to the tranquil Upstate region, where family ties led her to settle in Pelzer. Driven by her passion for helping people and the freedom to create her own schedule, Melissa found her calling in real estate, where she now applies her service skills, industry knowledge, and vibrant personality to guide buyers and sellers through their unique real estate journeys. Her ability to effortlessly develop client relationships and gain a true understanding of their motivations allows her to create a tailored and unforgettable experience for each individual she works with. With one son and three beloved dogs, family is at the core of Melissa's life, and it was the prospect of being close to her loved ones that brought her to the Upstate. Her career in real estate has granted her more time to spend with family and indulge in the activities she loves. In her downtime, you'll find Melissa engaging in a variety of pursuits, including swimming, horseback riding, and working out to stay fit and active. Melissa's love for the great outdoors is evident in her penchant for hiking, roller coasters, and embarking on exciting road trips. As a resident of the Upstate, she takes pride in sharing with her clients the region's stunning mountains, welcoming communities, and tranquil surroundings. Her favorite locations include the vibrant downtown of Greenville and the serene mountains that offer breathtaking views and adventure. When it's time to treat herself, Melissa's go-to restaurant is Cantina 76, and she delights in indulging in Mexican cuisine at least once a week. However, her heart truly belongs to the Cayman Islands, a place she cherishes as her favorite destination. With Melissa as your real estate guide, you can expect not only professional expertise but also an unwavering passion for helping you find your perfect home in the picturesque landscapes of the Upstate.

Courtney Byrd


License Number: SC Real Estate License #137579

Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, Courtney proudly calls this vibrant Upstate city her hometown. With deep roots in the community, Courtney's extensive knowledge of Greenville stems from a lifetime of experiences and connections. Motivated by a desire to positively impact and transform her community, Courtney chose real estate as a means to bridge the gap for people unaware of the myriad options and resources available to them. Understanding the significance of real estate decisions, Courtney pays meticulous attention to detail, studying her clients to ensure their unique needs are met. She is committed to being an asset to everyone she encounters, guiding them through the process of making significant commitments like purchasing a home or building wealth. During her downtime, Courtney finds joy in traveling, shopping, trying new restaurants, and horseback riding. Nature brings her peace, and she often enjoys hiking at Jones Gap or taking a quiet walk downtown at Falls Park. Her favorite hidden spot allows her to clear her head, and she appreciates the ambiance of Juniper.

Davy Cassells


License Number: SC Real Estate License #139246

Born and raised in Spartanburg, Davy has always cherished the close-knit community and vibrant lifestyle of the Upstate. A proud graduate of SCC with an associate degree in Mechatronics, Davy's educational journey has provided a solid foundation for his professional aspirations. Davy decided to pursue real estate with the goal of helping others find their perfect home. His career in real estate not only promises a busy schedule but also offers the flexibility to engage deeply with clients and build meaningful relationships. Davy thrives on sharing the unique charm of the Upstate with his clients, whether it’s the scenic parks and lakes, or the bustling atmospheres of downtown Greenville and Spartanburg. As an active member of the Spartanburg SDA and The YMCA, he is deeply connected to his community and enjoys participating in various local activities. In his downtime, Davy is an avid sports enthusiast, often found playing basketball, chess, pickleball, or enjoying outdoor activities like fishing and hiking. Davy’s commitment to his clients is unparalleled, as he strives to create a personalized and enjoyable experience for each individual. He believes there is no greater satisfaction than helping his clients find their ideal home. Davy is dedicated to making a significant impact in the real estate industry. He looks forward to sharing the best of the Upstate with his clients and guiding them through their real estate journey with his industry knowledge, vibrant personality, and unwavering dedication.

Zachary Chandler


License Number: SC Real Estate License #139032

Born and raised in the quiet town of Six Mile, South Carolina, Zachary Chandler cherishes the close-knit community where everyone knows your name and story. With an associate degree from Tri-County Tech and four years of experience working with engineering teams, Zachary brings a strong foundation of technical skills and meticulous attention to detail to his real estate career. Motivated by the desire to chart his own path to success, Zachary chose to pursue real estate to stay connected to the community he has always known and loved, while helping others find their dream homes. In his downtime, Zachary enjoys a variety of activities, from playing video games and hanging out with his 13-year-old son to dining out with his girlfriend. He is also an avid outdoor enthusiast, with a particular fondness for Lake Keowee, Lake Hartwell, and the Chattanooga River. Zachary is committed to bringing the unique hospitality and care of the South to his real estate practice. Dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the industry, one client at a time, Zachary finds joy in helping others achieve their dream homes while enjoying the simple pleasures of life in Six Mile and beyond.

Sender Esquivel


License Number: SC Real Estate License #122453

Sender Esquivel, a native of Stamford, Connecticut, found his way to the vibrant Upstate almost a decade ago after meeting his now-wife and falling in love with the charming city of Greenville. Settling in Piedmont, Sender has embraced the community with open arms, relishing outings to downtown Greenville and the myriad opportunities the Upstate offers. Driven by a desire to make a difference not only in his own family but also within the Latino community, Sender made the pivotal decision to transition into real estate. In his new career, Sender sees the potential for both personal and professional growth, aiming for financial freedom while maintaining a balanced life through a meticulously planned schedule. Sender views real estate not only as a means of livelihood but also as a platform to serve his community. Outside of his professional pursuits, Sender finds fulfillment in serving within his community and enjoying quality time with loved ones. An advocate for the Upstate, he eagerly shares with clients the plethora of opportunities the region affords, particularly its stunning lakeside locales. Sender's dedication to his craft, coupled with his genuine enthusiasm for the Upstate and its residents, positions him as a trusted ally for clients seeking to navigate the real estate market in this dynamic region.

Mitch Foster

Broker-in-Charge / REALTOR®

License Number: SC Real Estate License #114462

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Mitch was first introduced to Greenville several years ago through his longtime girlfriend who was attending Furman University. Mitch was immediately sold on the area when he realized how many months of wonderful weather Upstate residents enjoy. So upon graduating from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY, Mitch traded his snow skis for jet skis and moved south. Mitch earned his B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing, and the combination of his education, personable style of communication, and interest in architecture drew him to a career in real estate. Drawing upon his own experience as a recent newcomer to the Upstate, Mitch enjoys sharing with his clients Greenville’s appealing combination of “small-town feel” and “big city options.” Mitch immediately puts his clients at ease and strives to provide them with clear, concise communication while bringing a little fun to what can sometimes be a stressful experience. Mitch is a true partner to each and every client with the goal of helping them achieve their ultimate real estate goals quickly and positively. Now residing just north of downtown Greenville in Travelers Rest, Mitch and his girlfriend can be found enjoying outdoor concerts, exploring neighborhoods, and indulging in his favorite sport—baseball! Mitch is a NY Yankees fan to his core, and on any spring weekend, you will find him with burger in hand cheering on his Yankees and his new hometown favorite, the Greenville Drive--Greenville’s minor league baseball team that regularly plays to sold-out crowds.

Joshua Gerber


License Number: SC Real Estate License #119981

Introducing Josh Gerber, a proud transplant from Charlotte, NC, to the vibrant Upstate. With a rich background as a Sales Account Manager, Josh brings over 15 years of professional experience to his new venture in real estate. His extensive career has honed his people skills, making him a natural fit for the world of real estate. Josh and his family now call Greenville home and revel in the friendly community, exceptional dining options, and minimal traffic. They've found joy in fostering pit bulls, providing a second chance and forever homes for these furry friends. For Josh, choosing real estate as a career aligns with his passion for helping people. Facilitating dreams by finding the perfect home or assisting in selling to make new dreams a reality is what motivates him. Real estate also offers the promise of a work-life balance crucial for raising a young son and supporting his wife. In his downtime, he prioritizes making memories with his family, attending sporting and comedy events, and indulging in video games during kid-free moments. Date nights with Kristen involve exploring new cuisines and enjoying good drinks. As a real estate professional, Josh is excited about sharing the allure of the Upstate with his clients. He emphasizes the region's diverse seasons, the melting pot of residents from across the country and the world, and its ideal location nestled between the mountains and the coast.

Landen Hamrick


License Number: SC Real Estate License #112016

Born and raised in Inman, SC, Landen continues to call this welcoming Upstate town "home" because of the close-knit community ties he's created here. With his parents, along with his sister and her family, Landen enjoys trips to the beach, shopping trips to Charlotte, and getaways to Pigeon Forge with his dog, Fletcher, in tow. An avid golfer, Landen enjoys meeting his clients and friends on the links for work and play. Don't be surprised to see him cheering on Clemson during the football season as well! His education at USC Upstate took him in the direction of business management but he's applied these lessons to the real-life pursuit of his own real estate career. Landen enjoys the flexibility of managing his thriving business and serving his clients as a hometown Upstate expert. Working with families to find them the ideal property for their needs is his specialty and is thrilled to show them the hospitality and beauty of our area through all four seasons, from lake to mountains and for all towns across our Upstate map.

Lilah Kennedy


License Number: SC Real Estate License #138180

Meet Lilah Kennedy, a native of sunny San Diego, CA, whose journey began at SDSU, where she immersed herself in Hospitality/Meetings and Events. With a strong academic foundation, Lilah polished her customer service skills within the dynamic hospitality industry. Motivated by a desire to reshape the public's perception of the real estate sector, Lilah pivoted her career ambitions towards real estate, aiming to inject the meaningful, people-centric ethos she cherished in hospitality into this new venture. Excited to unveil the diverse living possibilities of the Upstate, Lilah eagerly guides her clients through its fusion of expansive rural landscapes and vibrant urban hubs, all within convenient reach. She finds solace in the lively downtown scene of Greenville, brimming with eclectic restaurants, boutique shops, and lively bars, as well as the serene allure of Falls Park just moments away. In her leisure time, Lilah finds joy in equestrian pursuits and staying active at the gym. She also delights in discovering new coffee havens or indulging in a bit of retail therapy.

Rebecca Kirkwood


License Number: SC Real Estate License #121183

Like so many local residents, Rebecca’s journey to the Upstate began elsewhere and has included life milestones that have dotted the map throughout the US. Rebecca was born in New England and attended a small college in Indiana. It was there that she met her husband. While her initial plan was to become a teacher, she answered a greater calling after the birth of her first child. She knew immediately that her life’s greatest work as a mother had begun, and she chose to spend the next 15 years of her life dedicating herself to her family. As her children grew and became more independent, Rebecca wanted to pursue a profession that would allow her to interact with people and serve them on a personal level. She found that role working with an eye doctor, and quickly recognized that she wanted to serve people in a deeper and more meaningful way. Throughout her life she had befriended a number of Realtors, and she felt strongly that she could leverage her outgoing personality and desire to help others by pursuing a career in real estate. Rebecca enjoys the challenge of helping people buy and sell homes on their terms and guiding them through the journey in a way that is personal and enjoyable. She is committed to the idea that the real estate journey should be relational rather than transactional. In turn, she works hard to form a bond with her clients so that she can personalize the experience to their standards. When not serving her clients, you can find Rebecca riding bikes on the Swamp Rabbit, vacationing in Hilton Head, volunteering in her church, cooking, and entertaining for friends and family. Having now lived in the Upstate for nearly 25 years, her number one passion has never waned… her children continue to be the joy of her life.

Eliyah Lynn


License Number: SC Real Estate License #136692

Eliyah Lynn, a Taylors, SC native with Alaskan roots, is a dynamic individual who brings a unique blend of experiences and passions to her career in real estate. Her work experience as a marketing assistant and in various customer service roles reflects her dedication to helping and building connections with people. Eliyah's journey to the Upstate stemmed from her family ties to Travelers Rest, making this serene region her home since childhood. She resides in Taylors, relishing the peaceful atmosphere that combines proximity to Greer, Travelers Rest, and Downtown, with the tranquility of nature. Her appreciation for the Upstate region is evident in her eagerness to share its unique qualities with her clients. She highlights the area's accessibility to the beach, lakes, and mountains, providing diverse opportunities and experiences for people from all walks of life. Her favorite activities in the Upstate include exploring local coffee shops, finding tranquility at Greer City Park, and strolling down Main Street in Downtown Greenville to discover new restaurants and shops. The fall season brings the joy of driving through the mountains and indulging in the delectable apple cider donuts at Sky Top. For Eliyah, a career in real estate promises not only creative freedom but also the flexibility she seeks, supported by a community-oriented brokerage.

Jessica McManus

Operations Coordinator / REALTOR®

License Number: SC Real Estate License #130799

While Jessica is originally a Florida native, she - like so many others - found her way to the Upstate of South Carolina and quickly came to enjoy everything that the area offers. Having lived in diverse communities including Delray Beach, Key West and Atlanta, Jessica easily connects with people from all walks of life. Her educational and professional pursuits have consistently intersected with her life's passions, including an education at Georgia State University in music management as well as jobs in the culinary field and working with animals. In each step of her career she has always enjoyed working directly with customers, getting to know them and exceeding their expectations. She now takes that same approach as she helps people navigate their journey in real estate. Jessica's intellectual curiosity and creativity positions her to act as a staunch advocate for her clients, and they quickly learn that she'll not only help them reach their goals, but also have fun doing it! Jessica recognizes that all work and no play makes for a dull life, and lives life to the fullest by spoiling her dogs, baking, and enjoying the great outdoors with her husband.

Steve Pieper


License Number: SC Real Estate License #102801

I am a motorcycle and camping enthusiast, hobby farmer, and family man. A graduate of the University of Missouri, I spent 30 years in Corporate America. I decided years ago that if I ever had the chance to move back to the Carolina's I would. With God's grace and a little cleverness I made it happen! Since then, I have purchased several business in the Carolina's and decided Real Estate was my calling as my knowledge of various market around the United States, past experienced in commercial real estate and remodeling homes can be of use to those needing my services. Me and my wife Wendy reside in Landrum SC, rescue animals and believe God's creatures are a beautiful part of life. Together we have raised two young men and are now blessed with 2 grandchildren, 3 dogs and 3 cats. As you go through the home buying process and consider someone to work with, allow me to use my professional and life experiences as well as outstanding service skills to assist you find that perfect home. "I'll help you locate and close on a residence in our area that, in my opinion has the best best quality of life in the United States."

Kelly Shealy

Managing Broker / REALTOR®

License Number: SC Real Estate License #104265

Born in Columbia S.C., Kelly has lived all over the U.S. In 2000, he moved to the Upstate from Myrtle Beach and knew this was it. The beauty of downtown Greenville, the color of the mountains in the fall, the food, the diversity of people and overwhelming sense of community was where he wanted to call home. From collegiate athlete, to musician, to restauranteur, to business owner, it has always been his connection with people that has been his passion. “I love people, I love helping people and being a part of them reaching their life's goals. That's why I do what I do!” Using his experience and expertise, Kelly seeks to make your home buying experience one can smile about! When he's not coaching or cheering on his three children, he enjoys the outdoors, music, food and quality time with loved ones.

Rick Stroud

Founder / CEO / REALTOR®

License Number: SC Real Estate License #28002

Rick is the Founder/CEO of Great Homes of South Carolina, a residential real estate brokerage located in Greer SC. Rick and his team of REALTORS serve those looking to buy or sell a home in Upstate SC. Rick is deeply invested in his community and is an active member of numerous organizations. He is a current board member for the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce, Greer Relief and the Western Upstate Association of REALTORS. He is a graduate of LeadershipGreer (Class 40) and serves on the Leadership Development Council for LeadershipGreer. He serves on the SC Community Alliance, is a member of the 2024 South Carolina Association of REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee and is a participant in the 2024 SCR Leadership Academy. Rick has coached agents, team leaders and brokerage owners all across the country and is a member of multiple real estate and business leader mastermind groups. Rick and his wife, Christina, who are parents to four amazing and super active kids, stay on the go! In addition to being avid fans of whatever their kids’ are involved in, they enjoy hiking, travel, going on cruises, boating around Lake Hartwell and playing with their dogs (Lucy and Dabo). They love to cheer for the Clemson Tigers and they are often sharing a night out with friends eating Mexican food, drinking coffee, or savoring a glass of red wine.

Erin Stroud-Parker

Transaction Coordinator / REALTOR®

License Number: SC Real Estate License #113690

Erin is not just a real estate agent; she is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Born and raised in Upstate, SC, Erin's passion for her hometown is unmatched. Her dedication to helping families find their dream homes is unwavering, and she goes above and beyond to ensure her clients receive the best service possible. Not only is Erin a licensed real estate agent, but she is also a skilled transaction coordinator, ensuring that every detail of the buying or selling process is handled with precision and care. Her commitment to excellence sets her apart in a competitive market. Outside of her real estate career, Erin is deeply involved in the equestrian community, reflecting her love for animals and the outdoors. Living on a mini farm with horses, cats, and dogs, Erin's connection to nature fuels her drive to help others find their own piece of paradise. Erin Stroud Parker is not just a real estate agent; she is a beacon of inspiration and a true advocate for her clients' dreams.

Kristen Tollison


License Number: SC Real Estate License #139325

Kristen, a seasoned traveler, settled in Greenville eight years ago after an extensive search across the country for the ideal home for her family. Drawn by the allure of southern hospitality and the proximity to her parents, Kristen found her place in the charming city of Greer. Here, she revels in the convenience of great schools, wonderful restaurants, beautiful parks, and ample shopping opportunities. With a passion for homes and a desire to help others, Kristen followed in her mother’s footsteps and embarked on a career in real estate. This profession not only allows her the flexibility to be present for her family, but also offers her the freedom to balance her professional and personal life. Kristen is eager to share with her clients the many wonders of the Upstate, from its great parks, including three water parks, to hiking in Paris Mountain, enjoying shows at The Peace Center, and strolling through downtown Greenville and Greer. She is an advocate for the vibrant community, eager to guide clients through the dynamic real estate market of the region. In her downtime, Kristen indulges in her love for cooking and baking, exploring new areas, checking out restaurants, taking weekend trips to the beach, and shopping. Kristen’s dedication to her craft, coupled with her genuine enthusiasm for the Upstate and its residents, makes her a trusted ally for clients seeking to navigate the real estate market in this vibrant region.

Josh Warthman

Broker / REALTOR®

License Number: SC Real Estate License #114316

Born in Charlotte, NC, and raised in Atlanta, GA, Josh obtained his BS in Sports Management & Business Management from Georgia Southern University. Upon graduation, Josh entered the IT industry, quickly rising to COO of a boutique firm. In 2004, he joined a national hospitality provider where he progressively advanced to a C-level role and established a reputation for building and leading high-performance teams that consistently exceeded business objectives. Josh’s career took him all over the U.S., and as he was preparing for a relocation to Chicago, he and his wife realized that their hearts were truly in the South. As a dedicated family man to two young children and an avid outdoorsman and sports enthusiast, Josh and his wife recognized that the Upstate of South Carolina offered everything they wanted and chose to settle in Greenville. With more than 20 years of experience in business operations and customer service and a proven entrepreneurial track record, Josh transitioned into real estate and has been a key contributor to the rapid growth of Great Homes of the Upstate. After a successful stint in production, Josh was tapped by the owner of Great Homes to serve as the brokerage’s Director of Operations. In the role, Josh oversaw the day-to-day operating activities of the brokerage with specific oversight of recruiting, training, agent performance, business processes and technology platforms. In spring of 2024, Josh attained his Broker's license and now spends his time supporting our agents as they grow their respective businesses. Josh stays on-the-go with work, a wide range of family activities and outings, and continually expanding his real estate expertise and business management experience. In recent years, Josh completed his Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from the University of Georgia and graduated with the 42nd class of Leadership Greer.

Kylie Weeks


License Number: SC Real Estate License #129974

Introducing Kylie Weeks, a proud native of the Upstate, with deep roots and a passion for the area. Kylie's journey through education and career paths has been marked by exploration and determination, ultimately leading her to pursue her calling in real estate. Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact and inspired by those who believed in her potential, Kylie transitioned into the realm of real estate. She found resonance in the challenges and rewards of the profession, recognizing it as a platform to leverage her skills in sales, customer relations, and serving others. For Kylie, real estate isn't just a career—it's a pathway to freedom and financial stability. With a commitment to excellence and a penchant for hard work, she aims to elevate her clients' experiences and achieve mutual success. Kylie's dedication to her craft, coupled with her keen eye for detail and thirst for knowledge, ensures that her clients receive nothing short of exceptional service. Beyond her professional endeavors, Kylie finds joy in exploring the vibrant offerings of the Upstate, from the bustling downtown scenes to the tranquil countryside vistas. An avid dancer, crafter, and gamer, she infuses creativity and passion into every aspect of her life. As Kylie embarks on this exciting chapter in her real estate journey, she looks forward to sharing her love for the Upstate with clients and helping them find their perfect place to call home.

Heather Winters


License Number: SC Real Estate License #134950

Heather was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC, making her intimately familiar with the beauty and charm of the Upstate region. Armed with an impressive educational background, Heather holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Science, and she is currently pursuing a PhD in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at Liberty University. Heather's professional journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She served as a United States Air Force veteran and a government employee for the United States Marine Corps. With a passion for emergency management, Heather spent 5 years as the Business Continuity Manager for Tacoma Public Utilities, accumulating 17 years of invaluable experience in the field. Upon returning to her hometown of Spartanburg, she dedicated over 2 years as a Leader of Logistics. Motivated by a desire to be closer to family and create a better work-life balance, Heather embraced real estate as her new calling. With her unwavering dedication to helping others and a strong connection to the community, she saw this as an opportunity to not only assist people in finding their dream homes but also to spend more quality time with her husband, Ken, and her three daughters, Leighlyn, Kaeleigh, and Alexis. Living in the serene Spartanburg County, nestled between Pacolet and Cowpens, Heather finds solace in the rural surroundings, cherishing the peace and tranquility it offers after years spent in bustling metro areas like Seattle and Las Vegas. Besides being a passionate REALTOR®, Heather finds joy in singing karaoke (even if she claims it's "badly"), dancing, and engaging in various sports like volleyball, softball, and golf. As a true foodie and an avid traveler, she dreams of visiting Egypt and Antarctica someday. What truly sets Heather apart is her genuine love for the Upstate, making her an exceptional resource for her clients. She takes pride in sharing local hotspots, fascinating historical anecdotes, and her in-depth knowledge of South Carolina's captivating history. In her free time, Heather loves exploring Morgan Square in Spartanburg with its vibrant dining and music scene, relishing nature hikes at Paris Mountain and Table Rock State Parks, and embracing the wonders of the Roper Mountain Science Center and Greenville Zoo. Heather's commitment to community involvement is commendable as she actively participates in various charitable activities, supporting organizations like Susan Komen and United Way while volunteering at her children's school. Additionally, she indulges her passion for learning by taking enrichment classes, fueling her secret desire to become an archeologist and Egyptologist. When she's not hard at work, Heather enjoys leisurely visits to local boutiques and antique shops, relishing her favorite restaurants such as Bangkok Thai, The Peddler, Mezcal, and Tulip Tree. Treating herself to a pedicure and a massage is her ultimate indulgence.
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Rick Stroud
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Rick Stroud

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